New Kitchens, Vanities, Offices, Laundry Rooms, Mud Rooms, Cabinetry for any room in your home.

You would never expect to find a place like this.

Imagine having Kitchen Designers and Cabinet Builders working together under one roof. That’s CabAve. It’s more than just a showroom, it’s a Kitchen Destination that’s worth the visit. Have some fun exploring the color and style options. Start to see your project come to life. Meet with some of our staff and check out what goes on behind the scenes in our cabinet building shop. Spend time with us and you’ll see how we’re different, and why we’re better.

Looking For a Nice Design?

Looking For a Nice Design?

When you find people that enjoy what they do, it makes a huge difference. Add in experience and know-how and that’s how we unlock the best designs.

All the things you know you want, plus some ideas you didn’t know existed, rolled into one. Different projects require different amounts of design time.

Maybe your project requires a lot of designing. Perhaps Certified Kitchen Design. We know exactly how to handle that in-depth level of design. Or maybe your design is already pretty close. Just a couple more questions, then you're ready to order. Not much design time needed at all. We of course have a very easy path for this.

Most projects fall somewhere in the middle of those two examples. Just the right amount of design time needed. From just the right kind of designers. We have perfected how to do this. And can't wait to show you how.

It's amazing how fast we can bring things together. Call and talk with our showroom staff anytime. Or if you'd prefer, ask to speak directly with one of our CabAve Designers today. It's easy to get started.
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Our Cabinets

Our Cabinets

We come from over 100 years of woodworking and cabinet building. From that we know a lot about cabinet construction and cabinet quality.

You have questions? We’ll always give straight answers. Our Cabinets are top notch and there are 7 lines to choose from. One of which is built from scratch right here at the same location. We discount below manufacturer list prices and also keep close track of additional cabinet promotions to help save money. Solid hardwood and plywood construction. Dovetail drawers. The highest quality drawer slides and hinges, all soft close. We know the differences and help steer your project into the right cabinet line for the right reasons.

Also, we have our CabAve Hybrid Option as another great way to save money. It combines using mostly factory brand cabinets and then “topping them off” with a few of our own woodshop-built cabinets.

90% Factory Brand Cabinets
10% Our Woodshop Builds the ‘Difficult Stuff’
100% Awesome.

Factory brand cabinets are great, but often have limited sizes or limited “Special” stuff.
You never have to feel limited at CabAve. Get what you want AND save money doing it!
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CabAve's Step by Step Process

CabAve's Step by Step Process

Most people come to us because a friend told them. Others because of our 5-star ratings. No one comes specifically looking for our process. But it’s probably the most important thing on this whole page of info.

We have spent years perfecting this, and it is extremely important to why the 5-star ratings keep happening project after project after project.

CabAve has its own, very straight forward, Step by Step decision making process. All the right questions are discussed and nothing gets missed.

We provide the options.
You control the spending.
It’s Fun. It’s Informative. And, it's Easy.

We believe in doing things right. To see samples of how amazing and intuitive this Step by Step process is, visit our CabAve showroom today!
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Interior Storage Options

Interior Storage Options

We handle Interior Cabinet Storage a lot differently than most. We install our own!

Don’t settle for the same old 4 or 5 Interior Storage Options. Not anymore! Thanks to the internet there are now literally hundreds of high-quality options to choose from!

Pick and choose what your family really wants. Then, our CabAve “Enhancement Team” installs them professionally and FAST. See some examples here
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How to Avoid Problems at Install and All That Mess!

How to Avoid Problems at Install and All That Mess!

Designing your kitchen can be fun! But having your home torn-up during the onsite construction…not so much. With us, installation is easier and your home is torn up for considerably less time.

Kitchen renovations of the past often had onsite construction dragging on for weeks and weeks. Sometimes even months.

Ask anyone that’s ever remodeled a kitchen, the same types of problems keep coming up. What if we told you we’ve found a better way. Would you be interested? We’ve been using our better way on every job for years now with fantastic results.

Would you like to know what we’re doing different? Call and chat with a designer, set-up a “Home Meeting”, or stop into our CabAve Showroom today! We can’t wait to show you!
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Jill & Bob

Jill & Bob

Hilton, NY

"If you’re looking for quality and attention to detail, you’re not going to find it anywhere else. The people at CabAve are experts.”

Kim & George

Kim & George

Greece, NY

"We were thrilled when it was done. CabAve was great to work with, we love how you run your business. It's worth the drive to Clifton Springs!"

Scott & Darlene

Scott & Darlene

Phelps, NY

"Forget the big box stores...professional, friendly, down to earth people...Hats off to CabAve for making my project get the most for my budget, with great ideas and quality products."

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